Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brown County, Indiana.

We are very lucky to have family all over the place. Yes, sometimes it is difficult because we would rather be near each other. However, it is fun to be able to visit our family in Wisconsin, New Jersey and Indiana. Of course Indiana is where the grandparents live (Nesta's) and that's where we were over the last two days.
We were searching for mushrooms and a good time. We got both! Nesta didn't know why we wanted mushrooms nor did he care if we found any. We didn't find any morels, but other types were found. Nesta had a blast exploring in the woods, throwing rocks, kissing the cats - well mainly Stewart. He LOVED riding in the mule which is the golf cart that we use to move around when it is too muddy. Well, he didn't like riding in it, he wanted to drive it. He loved spending time with his grandparents and watching them cook breakfast and helping the stir. This kid loves stirring. 
                                                   Nesta really wanted to wear his boots!
                                           So happy to be out in the woods.
                                                Tasting rocks- it's a must!

                                                 New dance move? Nope, just backing up.
                                                   Really throwing rocks.
I had to think fast while walking around the woods and telling Nesta about all the beauty around us. So here is some stuff I came up with:
Turtle: Tortuga.                                          
Woods: Bosque (forest).
Mushrooms: Hongos.
Trees: Arboles.
Tree trunk: Tronco.
Rocks: piedras.
Mud: Lodo.
Flowers: Flores.

It was pretty easy except I keep thinking there is a different word in Spanish for "the woods" but all I could come up with is "el bosque." Also the golf cart my in-laws drive around their property is called "the mule" but I thought it be too funny to call it a mula. So I just called it "el carrito." Nesta now knows what a car is and does and he even adds sound effects to it when he hears the word whether in English or Spanish. He cannot wait to go back to Brown County. He loved every minute we were there. He loves his grandparents and just wants them to hold him and show him what they're doing.

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